Screening for Plagiarism

It is the responsibility of the author to ensure that:

  1. The article is an original work and does not involve fraud, fabrication, or plagiarism.
  2. The article has not been published previously and is not currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. If accepted by the AJCE, the article will not be submitted for publication to any other journal.
  3. The article contains no defamatory or unlawful statements and does not contain any materials that infringe upon individual privacy, proprietary rights, or any statutory copyright.
  4. All authors have reviewed the manuscript, take responsibility for its content and approve its publication.
  5. All authors are aware of and agree to the terms of this publishing agreement.

Every article submitted to the AJCE is screened by iThenticate. Manuscripts detected for plagiarism will immediately be rejected and excluded from the next steps of submission process.